College Safety

Savvy, Safe, and Strong

A safe and secure college environment equals College success. This program is designed help students identify and avoid negative threats to college goals and life goals. Increased attendance, participation and improved test scores are all benefits that come from skills introduced in this presentation. A clear understanding of the people, choices and time management habits of successful people who avoid threats to their life goals will leave every audience member empowered and with a renewed sense of direction and focus.

A.    45-minute presentation.

B.    45-minute presentation with books.

C.    All above plus a workshop on listening intuition and mindfulness.


Download one-sheet

Download the Savvy, Safe, and Strong one-sheet for more information about this program.


Motivational Keynotes

Power Listening

Learn and enhance the three types of listening, mindfulness, awareness and intuition and turn them into a set of dynamic power listening skills. No one is taught how to listen, until now. Spot and seize opportunities faster and evade threats easily. Equipped with a new level of awareness, those who have enjoyed this presentation for business have reported a better home life and those that have taken this presentation for Safety skills report a greater peace of mind all around. 

A.    45-minute presentation.

B.    45-minute presentation with books.

C.    All above plus a workshop on listening intuition and mindfulness.



Download the Listening with Power one-sheet for more information about this program


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