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Vigilant: How to see what others miss—a system for your personal safety, success, and other life secrets.

The secret to success is having more wins than losses; minimizing losses is the trick. To do so, vigilance, combined with a few tactics, can have you avoiding accidents, toxic people, and unwelcome surprises.  

This book filled with time-saving insights that will have you avoiding unnecessary obstacles and seizing opportunities—in short, navigating life with a new set of eyes. Equipped with a tough mind and a tender heart, you will see what most people miss: 

• Finding the truth and how to discover it
• The many kinds of awareness
• Fear, the good kind and the bad
• Get a hold of your money
• What love is and is not
• Avoid car accidents
• Navigating the jerk at work and next door
• Becoming wise

Every reader has told me, “I wish someone had given me this book when I was young.” You will, too. Read it, share it, and give it away!


Power Listening: Boot Camp Reference Cards

Train your brain in the art of seeing what others miss. A daily exercise to:
• Avoid auto accidents
• Get workplace harmony
• Improve your marriage
• Increase sales
• Witness more acts of kindness

$14.99 for the deck and $2.95 for shipping and handling


Three Months in Pennsylvania

Rediscovering the heroes and role models that made America. Fall in love again with a country that has transformed and touched the world, changing countless lives and empowering millions of people to search for their best selves.

$14.99 for the book and $3.95 for shipping and handling




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The Schooli; A Great American Camping Adventure (coming 2018)


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