Tactical Tip #117 Strategic and Tactical Spring Cleaning



A strategy is an overall campaign plan and spring cleaning is a perfect time to implement it.  Begin by organizing your resources, your home, office and car.  These areas are the central hub in which you use to make money, if you fail to have them in order the system breaks down.

The tactics are the hands-on execution

Reduce your spring cleaning in the future with a clean as you go mentality every day.

·         House-Buy a cheap bin at Ross or Marshals, throw things in its daily or monthly that have outlived their usefulness. It’s like one stop shopping in reverse, then take the whole bin and drop if off at the nearest Good Will.

·         Car- If you a person whose life is so fast and throw things on the floor, try to confine it to just one small area, shoot for the garbage bag you laid on the floor first. Makes clean up way easy!

·         Office- Streamline binders, files and work area for greater efficiency, job and profit. This means to throw out the old training binder, old cards, notes, used up file folders. Clear your mind by buying fresh new folders that inspire the imagination to create and care for.

Avoiding spring cleaning all together means you must stay balanced and strategic all year long, which means being proactive and not a procrastinator. 

With life lived at a break neck speed carving out time to do what you really want means cleaning and organizing as you go which brings me to;  Don’t lose Sh#$%-  As you put items away for the day, lock your eyes and brain on the activity of placing them on the hook or in the bag. This is called mindfulness and not only helps you keep track of things better it also has a calming and centering effect when life gets too chaotic.