Tactical Tip #116 Prepare for the worst but expect the best

The listening Post

Listening for potential problems: Yesterday it was feared the Oroville dam would breach, thousands were evacuated in case it did.  How fast could you make an exit? I admit it I am a little organizational obsessed. I have enough back packs, labels and bins to last a lifetime. My tactical bags are complete with water filters, knives, flashlights and protein bars. I could also grab for one blindfolded no matter what kind of stressful situation I was in, because what good is the best gear unless you can find it in an emergency? Right?

People who are organized and prepared for the worst have the ability to see what others do not, that bad things can and do happen. The organized and prepared person is a calm person and extremely resilient, they are the epitome of the rule, “prepare for the worst, but expect the best.”

Organization is key to responding to emergencies.  Pick out at least two places in your home to put food, water, batteries, flashlights, first aid kit, etc.  Put those supplies in water proof containers.  Keep one for your car as well along with jumper cables and a blanket or two.  Label everything and consider where you live, what is the most likely thing to happen in your area? Hurricane, earthquake, flood or a shooting. Finally share the list with your family members and rotate items regularly to maintain freshness.  

Always be aware and listen for potential problems, being proactive will give you the advantage of time and peace of mind knowing you have an answer if an emergency happens.