Tactical Tip #115 Checking for Soundness before you Buy

It is a common question to ask a seller when buying a horse, “does it have a sound mind?” Although the horse might be beautiful it does not mean that it can think straight. This weekend’s women’s march had some beautiful speakers, who rattled off some pretty crazy stuff. “blow up the white house, a president who looks like a Cheeto and D.C is overrun with Nazism’s.” The day was a visual feast for the eyes with many protesters holding signs with profanities, yelling profanities and many dressed up as female genitalia! All this left millions scratching their heads. Yes, they are beautiful, but are their arguments sound?

Protests, are an interesting thing, people not wanting to miss out, join in not really sure of the reason.   Take for example over a decade ago when the U.S invaded Iraq, television showed protesters in San Francisco with signs that read, “we should not be in Ireland!” Group-think, silences rational overtaking individual reasoning abilities. There was a time when the great Martin Luther King led and inspired a nation during the civil rights marches, their meaning and purpose were crystal clear; not so much today. Marches today are now seen as an opportunity to get on social media, “hey mom, look I am on Instagram, or I have a microphone!” Without a clear moral message and a respected leader, they have become meaningless.

The number one threat to women’s safety is lack of the whole truth. What we do not know absolutely can hurt us. When either buying a horse, or participating in a march or anything in life for that matter, first ask yourself a question, “although this thing is beautiful, what is the truth behind it, what is the whole story? What are the motives behind the madness? Does it have a sound mind?”