Tactical Tip #112 Why True Love can make you Rich

Recently while attending a wedding, I heard the minister say to the couple, “and always remember to be considerate.” There were a lot of people at the wedding who later remarked that they liked that particular part of the wedding. For me it reminded me of a saying, “Selfish love simply wants you, while true love wants what is best for you.” It is a simple yet effective statement to vet whether your love or your partners love is true or not.

After spending many years working for the criminal justice system I saw plenty of extreme cases of neglect or abuse due to lack of true love for one another. As I wrote this article I looked up the statics for single mothers and was saddened to find out that According to Child Trends data bank, single parenthood has been climbing steadily since the sixties resulting in the following consequences. “Instable living arrangements, live in poverty, socio-emotional problems, engage in sex at a younger age, and have a birth outside of marriage. Children from broken homes have lower occupational status and income, when they get to be adults themselves and have more troubled marriages and more divorces than those born to married parent.”

Robert Kyosaki who wrote the bestselling financial advice book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” said that of all the financial advice he gives the best is, “whatever you do, don’t get divorced, it costs too much.”

So if you’re in a relationship that you’re not sure about, ask yourself this question, “Do we both want what is best for each other?” This means in every way possible, spiritual, financial, physical, and familial.  And then if you don’t, move on. If you do, make sure you have a sit down about all of these topics and more, your FICO score, financial plans and educational. These are great ways to make sure that this merger is going to be something more than physical, it will be a valuable lasting one!