Tactical Tip #109 One Phrase to get More Sales

“People will never care how much you know until they know how much you care,” I first heard those words from a woman who was mentoring me in the field of Real Estate. She had a Master’s degree and told me that the clients in real estate really didn’t care about her level of education, only how much integrity she had. Did she care about what happened to them?

America was founded by merchants, sales people who quickly learned that in order to do business with people and get more business, what was required was honesty and integrity. The salespeople with the most integrity were the ones with the most sales. Everyone was involved, those who helped the merchant indirectly helped themselves by ensuring even more business, everyone profited because they cared.  Manipulative people and con-artists who pretended to care and came off as nice because of a great smile, did profit off the trusting ignorance of others, but they were usually quickly discovered and either tar and feathered or run out of town!

Dale Carnegies best- selling book, “How to win friends and influence people,” is a staple of every public speaker and sales person out there, millions of people have read it and although it has great information in it,  it  sometimes comes off sounding a bit manipulative. People often get into trouble these days by equating “niceness” with “goodness.” Being able to trust your intuition about the true content of someone’s character, questioning if he or she is a good person rather than just nice, is a tactical skill that takes leadership to the next level. Ask yourself, “how does this person treat other people, do they help without asking for anything in return?”  In our race to seem more polite, more benevolent or generous to a world that is quick to judge us for making judgments it is important to realize that we have to be honest with ourselves about what we see, and ask ourselves, is this person a good person, does he or she really care?