Tactical Tip#107 Navigating the Squirrels of Life

There they go again, Darting all over the highway like a bunch of confused squirrels all over the road looking for nuts! Truth is you have found the nuts and it’s them! This morning as we get into our cars and enter the highways, I’m sure many of you may have noticed that people are passing and pushing on the right, the designated turning, merging and slow lane!  We older folks raised with the DVM rules properly pounded into our heads by our folks, know that for many reasons, i.e., it’s rude and it’s unsafe, not to do it! However; with the influx of youth, immigration from other countries with different driving rules and a general breakdown of civility, especially in more congested areas, it has become a huge problem for those of us that follow the rules. First it makes our blood boil as we nearly avoid accidents and second it makes us want to seek revenge, a sort of” pay it forward” of bad manners.

Tactically this is what you do, first, create space between you and every car, sure someone will take up that space but it gives you reaction time to take evasive action to either break or speed up.  You are also taking the moral high ground, this keeps you from emotionally getting sucked in to the chain reaction of “paying bad manners forward” to “right a wrong” or “feel better” about being aggressively attacked on the highways.  Paying bad manners forward might make one feel better for a while, but you are now going to be burdened withknowing the next person is going to have the same attitude sending a “pay it forward” mentality of bad manners exponentially down the road. This principle also applies to the office, home or relationships. Knowing and anticipating human behavior, i.e. bad manners, puts you in a position of advantage you can now start to be proactive rather than reactive, thereby creating both physical and emotional distance. Studies have shown that people who live a proactive life are far happier and calmer. So as you enter the highway of life today, take a step back, when the inevitable, anticipatedinconsiderate squirrel cuts you off on the road or in conversation know that their just looking for nuts and you’re not one  going to be one of them!