Recognized by the district attorney’s office as a model for awareness and compassion Suzanne has over a decade in the law enforcement and professional safety field. Suzanne is a top speaker in colleges on the topic of student safety and success and in the business world leading the way in awareness and mindfulness skills that increase efficiency.


Suzanne is an award-winning speaker, and also writes and podcasts promoting the idea, that life really can be both fun and less stressful. Through humor and real life experiences Suzanne is a popular and in demand speaker on the topic of strength and success through adversity and by avoiding unnecessary adversity.

Success and Leadership

Born into a large family with limited means Suzanne quickly realized the value of listening up, seizing opportunities and how to avoid unnecessary threats. She has overcome obstacles to finish her college degree, graduating Phi Theta Kappa. She attained her brown belt in jujitsu while raising three children and working as a deputy sheriff.


Currently she travels the U.S promoting the idea that, with greater listening and life preparedness skills, the wise will win before the fight!